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Everything from Shea’s Bakery is Made to Order and Hours Vary 
Please Order Ahead: Click to EMAIL or Call 561-375-9591mailto:sheasbakeryorder@gmail.com?subject=ORDERshapeimage_1_link_0
Shea’s Bakery

Best Bakery in Delray Beach, Florida -

Best Bakery deliver Delray Beach, #1 Bakery in Boca Best cupcakes in Delray Boca


Special thanks to Robin Gilbertson for helping to create the perfect logo for Shea’s Bakery.

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A message from Shea’s Bakery: 17 million kids in the US struggle with hunger.

Help to end this epidemic: Donate to Share Our Strength HERE

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers and friends for your support!
Do Good, 
Feel Good! 
10% of all profits at Shea’s Bakery are donated to charity!